Corporate Users


We’d like to take the opportunity to explain the advantages of using our pre-paid Wash Key system which may benefit you and/or your business.

Our pre-paid Wash Key system allows you or your employee to come at any time, use the car wash and not have to carry cash. The Wash Key can be conveniently attached to your company car keys.

The Wash Key can be used on our GOLD automatic wash, at any of our manual car wash bays and also on the front two vacuums, in the vacuum bays at the rear of the car wash.

 A receipt is then issued and if you have a company car this can be claimed on your tax. It allows for easy accounts tracking.

You can check your Wash Key balance anytime by pressing in the Wash Key Credit Checker panel located on the wall adjacent to our office.

Our Wash Keys are issued free of charge & there is no time limit on using your credit.

If you would like a demonstration on how the Wash Keys work please feel free to use our Contact Us form or ask one of our friendly staff on site to show you. If you ring ahead we can also have a Wash Key ready & waiting for you when you arrive.